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IMPULSE Project Kicks Off with Dynamic Two-Day Meeting

Krakow, Poland – The EU-funded IMPULSE project, aiming to revolutionize digitization methods and create immersive, accessible experiences for diverse audiences, recently held its two-day kick-off meeting. The event brought together partners from various sectors to discuss the project’s innovative approach, which leverages Extended Reality (XR) to engage underrepresented communities and integrates visual arts and dance performances through pilots and prototypes.

Day One: Setting the Stage for Transformation

The first day was filled with stimulating experiences and collaborative energy. The opening panel showcased the strength of the IMPULSE partnership and offered valuable insights into research questions about the future of cultural heritage. Workshops provided interactive sessions with cutting-edge technology, quickly demonstrating the transformative potential of the IMPULSE project.

Day Two: Diving into Work Packages

The second day continued the momentum, with all partners discussing the activities defined in the individual “work packages” and working side by side on the collaborative strategy. This hands-on approach emphasized the project’s commitment to a Community of Practice, a Hackathon, and an Acceleration & Mentoring Hub, aimed at building capacity in immersive digitization.

Cultural Immersion and Team Bonding

In addition to formal meetings, participants enjoyed an evening at the Jagiellonian University Museum’s subterranean café for informal talks, followed by a guided tour of the Collegium Maius, the university’s oldest structure. This experience not only immersed the team in the spirit of cultural heritage but also replenished their energies for a fresh day of work.

Looking Ahead: A Promising Future

As the two-day kick-off adventure concluded, the strength and commitment of the IMPULSE team were evident. The morning sessions delved into the specifics of each activity, highlighting the road ahead, which is full of learning, experimentation, and excitement.


The IMPULSE team extends heartfelt thanks to all partners who joined, both virtually and in person, and to everyone following the project from this early stage.